"The Sun Set sounds as good as it looks!" Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"If you want to get that Sun sound, probably best to go to the Sun Studios in Memphis. The Dodge Brothers did and 'The Sun Set' sounds great" Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"The Sun Set is the result of that pilgrimage, and it just sounds fabulous, it really does " Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"The Dodge Brothers' new album 'The Sun Set' seems set to propel them to the forefront of the current British Americana and Blues scene." Spiral Earth

"Listening to The Dodge Brothers new album. It's GREAT -It could be the Americana album of the year!" Boyd Hilton, Heat Magazine

"The rip-roaring rockabilly ‘Singled Out’ and the bluesy ‘Strange Weather’ recorded in mono with no post production are momentous" David Lees, R2 Magazine

"Make no mistake THE SUN SET is an album to be treasured and is a refreshing reminder of how roots music manages to remain relevant by harnessing the past and steering it into the future. The Dodge Brothers demonstrate a passion, desire and talent to make themselves important players in ensuring this process thrives in twenty first century Britain." David Hughes, Three Chords and the Truth

"Their sojourn in Memphis has borne fruit, they brought back the real deal" Iain Hazlewood, Spiral Earth

"Just been diggin' the new Dodge Brothers album, "The Sun Set". That's some mightly wholesome rockin' you got there fellas - lovin' it!" Miles Hunt, The Wonder Stuff

"The Dodge Brothers are unbeatable with tunes as invincible as these!" Billy Lunn, The Subways

"It's fantastic! Mike Hammond's amazing vocals achieve that elusive blend of snarl and heart. Great work, gents!" Luke Taylor, Minnesota Public Radio, USA

"The Dodge Brothers have tuned into the spirit of Sun" FATEA Magazine

"[The Sun Set is] a hazy, joyful ode to the sting of Americana blues" Phil Wilson, Middle Music

"[The Sun Set] rises to the occasion, channelling the spirit of Elvis" Mike Davies, Net Rhythms

"For my money, the highlight of last year's Bradford International Film Festival was the silent classic Beggars of Life with a live accompaniment from the skiffle band Dodge Brothers" Yorkshire Times

"Louisa & The Devil is wonderful stuff - slap that stand-up bass!" Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"The Dodge Brothers are one of only three or maybe four bands actually making great music with roots to the beginning, and Frank Harris is one of the greatest songs ever written!" Billy Lunn, The Subways

"The Dodge Brothers ...cinema fans’ favourite country blues, rockabilly and skiffle playing four-piece" Bradford Telegraph & Argus

"The Dodge Brothers are a touch more sophisticated than any of the bands who briefly tasted fame in that era (1957), astutely blending runaway rockabilly with a couple of stirring ballads that would shine in any setting" Colin Irwin, BBC Review

"When The Dodge Brothers accompanied Beggars of Life at the British Film Institute, the Bradford International Film Festival, at Barbican, and elsewhere across England at prior outings, they each time wowed an appreciative audience." The Examiner

"The hot ticket will be The Dodge Brothers, a skiffle band, accompanying a silent film" The Independent

“With their wistful, sometimes mournful, sometimes dangerous, sometimes galloping blue-grass emotional attachment to the story that was unfolding up there on the silver screen, my evening in a school hall, became profoundly whole. There are those rare moments in life where you are privileged to bear witness to a unique event, this, for me was one of them. Should they saddle up and recreate this triumph at any time in the future, then my advice to anyone, is buy your ticket early.” Richard O'Brien (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

"…On the night this slice of supra-realism as screened at the Barbican, its scenes of passionate romance and spine-tingling adventure were fabulously augmented by the tear-jerking or rip-roaring tones of the Dodge Brothers (who are not related, and do not live in Dodge City, but play like they are both)." Clive Sinclair, Times Literary Supplement 

"The last time The Dodge Brothers were in Bradford they went down a storm" Yorkshire Post

"'The Ghost That Never Returns' was a fantastic concept brilliantly executed by The Dodge Brothers" Leeds List

"Never has a film and a band been more perfectly matched than 'Beggars of Life' and the Dodge Brothers - deep dish Americana,  rail-riding hoboes and Louise Brooks - they were made for each other." Bryony Dixon, curator of silent film, British Film Institute

"The Dodge Brothers swept into the Barbican Cinema on the 4th June, and with their delectable accompaniment to the 1921 silent western White Oak, made the opening gala of the 12th British Silent Film Festival a night to remember....It was a triumph" Robert Rider, Head of Cinema The Barbican

“It’s skiffle, it’s Rock’n’Roll, it’s country, it’s blues - hell, it’s the completely endearing sound of a long-distance love affair with all things Americana” R2 Magazine

If you only get a ticket for one show at the festival, [The Dodge Brothers at The Black Box]- according to CQAF organiser Sean Kelly - is the one to see.” Belfast Telegraph

“ 'The Ballad of Frank Harris' is superior storytelling, and '42 Days' winningly updates the prison ballad tradition for the War on Terror ” UNCUT Magazine

“And hurrah for the second mention of a double bass in this column. This one is held in the firm grasp of movie review god Mark Kermode. His skiffle band, The Dodge Brothers, have proved a massive attraction in The Black Box.” Belfast Telegraph

“Kermode and chums made a joyous racket with anything they could get their hands on. Visually, they looked the part, the quartet wore matching cowboy- style shirts and there were at least two quiffs on display.” California Chronicle

"The [14th British Silent Cinema's] weekend's finale was far more raucous, however. Rockabilly skiffle troupe The Dodge Brothers appealed to the spirit of the Nickelodeon... From the BFI Southbank in London, the group's heartfelt title song, rowdy singalongs and washboard percussion drove this story of cross-dressing, rail-riding hobos forward at a clattering pace." The Guardian

"The Dodge Brothers  were a true high-light of Cheltenham Film Festival. They are a band in a complete league of their own, delivering the very best in live cinematic musical accompaniment." Cheltenham Film Festival

“Louisa & The Devil" elevates The Dodge Brothers into the vanguard of the UK skiffle-billy revival.” FATEA Magazine

"Rockabilly/ skiffle retro combo The Dodge Brothers skilfully recreate the music of 50 years ago" Daily Echo

“We are going to be hearing a lot more of this band and they have a good chance of making the mainsteam, on this showing.” UK Rock & Roll Magazine

“The band encompass the traditional stylistic range and hybrids of folk musics like blues, country and bluegrass & The live show retains much of the feel and the tones that give it that "authentic" rockabilly mood.” ZapBang Magazine

"Bullseye! For total-quality Revival Americana sure don't come any better than this. I luv it - brilliant!"
NetRyhthms Magazine

"The Dodge Brothers are way more than a vanity project — these guys legitimately rock."
The Hudson Valley News (New York)